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Filtered Water For Home Atlanta GA

Healthy Drinking Water for Your Home


Looking for healthy, great tasting water for you and your family?

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  • Using low quality "faucet filters"
  • Lugging around those heavy cases of single serve bottles
  • Using a 5 or 3-gallon bottle water delivery service

Our Water Service Includes:

  • Free Installation
  • Free Unscheduled Service
  • Free Filters


The residential water market for Atlanta GA has grown rapidly over the last five years.  It's important to understand that not all filtration systems remove the necessary contaminants to produce clean healthy drinking water for your body.  Our Bio-Sure Plus Purification process will remove all contaminants and even add good minerals and antioxidants back into the water.  Not only is this water great for you and your family members but don't forget about your pets.  Properly filtered water is extremely important for the continued health of your dogs, cats etc.

 Click here to see the importance of water for your pets


Our most popular and unique filtration process is the BIO-SURE PLUS PURIFICATION. This 9-Stage innovative technology not only eliminates contaminates through a state of the art ultrafine purification process, but also adds nutrients to enhance proper hydration. This revolutionary process sanitizes every drop of water, balances PH levels by adding alkalinity, adds a nutrient boost, and even provides immunity detoxification to insure proper health. The result is cleaner, healthier, better tasting water for you and your family.

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Model: 9000UF - Standup9000UF

Color Options: Black or White

Key Features: Cold/Hot Temp, Leak Detector, Touch Sensitive Dispensing

Filtration: Bio-Sure Plus Purification

Specs: 50.3"(H), 14.2"(W), 15.5"(D)

Tank Size: 2.1g (Cold), 1.3g (Hot)

Model: 900UF - Countertop900UF

Color Options: Black

Key Features: Cold/Hot Temp, Leak Detector, Touch Sensitive Dispensing  

Filtration: Bio-Sure Plus Purification

Specs: 20.0"(H), 14.9"(W), 19.3"(D)

Tank Size: 1.4g (Cold), .48g (Hot)

Model: 7000S - Standup7000S

Color Options: Black or White

Key Features: Cold/Hot Temp, Leak Detector

Filtration: Standard Purification

Specs: 50"(H), 11.8"(W), 15.6"(D)

Tank Size: 1.3g (Cold), .7g (Hot)

Model: 450 - Countertop450

Color Options: Silver Only

Key Features: Cold/Hot Temp                                                                                      

Filtration: Bio-Sure Plus or Standard Purification

Specs: 16.5"(H), 13"(W), 16.5"(D) -Designed to fit under standard kitchen countertops

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