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Ice Machines in Atlanta, GA

Looking for purified ice? Our unique ice machines will produce up to 400lbs of ice per day. You also have the options for purified cold, hot, and room temperature water.



Model: 5500WI - Standup

Color Options: Black

Key Features: Cold, Hot, Room Temp (Ice Capacity 8.8lbs, 66lbs/day)                

Filtration: 5-Stage Purification Process

Specs: 58.7"(H), 16.9"(W), 19.4"(D)

Tank Size: 1g (Cold), 1.4g (Hot) 4.5g (Room)


Model: 6500WI - Standup or Countertop

Color Options: Silver

Key Features: Room Temp (Ice Capacity 12lbs, 400lbs/day)

Filtration: 3-Stage Purification Process

Specs: 65.5"(H), 16.12"(W), 23.5"(D) - Standup

Specs: 32.5"(H), 16.12"(W), 23.5"(D) - Countertop


Model: 6000WI - Standup or Countertop

Color Options: Black/Silver

Key Features:  Room Temp / Ice (Ice Capacity 7lbs, 125lbs/day)                

Filtration: Bio-Sure Purification or Standard Purification

Specs: 42"(H), 14.62"(W), 22.12"(D) - Standup

Specs: 17.62"(H), 14.62"(W), 22.12"(D) - Countertop




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