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Avalon Water was started in 2009 and is a locally owned and operated company serving thousands of businesses and residences in the Atlanta and surrounding area. At Avalon Water, customer service is the foundation of our company's success and is the reason we were voted "BEST of ATLANTA".

Our mission is to provide customers with a premium water, coffee and ice service at an affordable cost. Avalon Water's bottle-less water coolers offer the most unique and advanced filtration process in the industry. Our systems are designed to produce pure, healthy and great tasting water without the plastic bottle. Companies that choose Avalon Water will enjoy many benefits over a bottled water service which include; no storing and replacing bottles, no deliveries, no confusing invoices, no fuel charges, low fixed price per month, and no negative impact on the environment.

Drinking from plastic water bottles is becoming a thing of the past. Make the healthy, convenient, cost effective, and environmentally conscious choice when choosing drinking water for your company or residence.

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